Imagine meeting with a group of women on a regular basis…
A group of women who support you and know you…
A place to learn more about yourself as a woman…
Such a place exists

Group therapy is a powerful experience. Participants often feel it is life changing. This invitation is to join an on-going women’s group that notices and attends to each woman’s style of bringing her self to the world, and to the group. We pay attention to how these individual styles empower or diminish each woman. You are invited to:

  • Re-claim your Authentic Self – Speaking what is true is often a challenge for women. We tend to offer what is “nice ” and “comforting” versus what lives in our souls. In this group we will invite each women’s voice and experience to come out of hiding.
  • Deepen Relations – Women need each other. We need to see ourselves in other women’s eyes and lives. We need to feel “not alone” so that we may be supported on our journeys. This experience offers the time and space to open to other women’s hearts. This opening creates a necessary sisterhood that empowers participants to move authentically in the world.
  • Integrate Your Wholeness – In the culture we live today we split the mind/ emotion/ body/ spirit connection. The mind is valued as the “I” while the body is demoted to the “it”. In this group our intention is to heighten awareness, experiment with and discover the wisdom housed within each women’s body.

As group facilitators our focus and intention is for each women to experience her self as safe to push her emotional and relational edges. We will integrate a variety of methodologies to create an innovative and unique group experience. There are no structured topics. Emphasis is placed on the issues that hold interest and vitality for the group. Each story shared is held with honor and experienced as a gift to the group.

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Gems for the Journey

Create jewelry that inspires your path

A women’s love is a powerful force. When focused into intention, her love can be felt as a soft container of safety or as wings on which to fly. A women’s love, when gathered with her sisters, opens her to the wisdom of women’s hearts. When soul sisters are gathered, magic happens and the world changes.

Today, women need to gather. The world needs the compassion of our combined hearts, we need the support of our united love. Sister Bead gatherings are intended to support women through life transitions by inviting her sisters around her in a purposeful circle. Gatherings also offer the weaving of feminine community for the birth of a child, a significant birthday, graduation, or marriage, the transition of divorce, illness or death, distinguishing and uniting a valued group or simply a women’s need to feel a connection to her soul sisters.

Each woman brings enough beads to gift every other woman with one bead. Ceremoniously the women gathered string the beads into their own unique piece of Sister jewelry. The circle holds and unites the hearts, souls, and intention of the women gathered. The prayers held within each piece is invoked each time a woman wears her Sister Beads… Re-membering with her sisters.

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Woman’s Way of Knowing

The Making of Your Intuitive Doll

This workshop follows the Russian folktale of Vasalisa, in which a young girl is blessed by her dying mother, threatened by her stepmother, and sent out into the forest to find her intuitive wisdom. This story teaches the lessons of the life, death, rebirth cycle necessary for every woman’s transformation.

Through use of experiential exercises, we engage in the tasks necessary to find, strengthen and trust one’s intuitive voice. This voice has been there from the very beginning. We recognize it and nurture it during this day of story, ritual, and creative expression, which culminates in the creation of an intuitive doll. The making of the doll deepens each woman’s intuitive listening. No prior sewing experience is necessary.

At the end of the day, each woman will have remembered her inner voice in concrete and creative ways she can trust to guide her, like Vasalisa, through the forest.

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