My plan was to share with you beautiful pictures of Barcelona. It was a sound plan as we were to be there Sunday at 2pm. Plenty of time to have our can’t wait to get there glass(s) of we’re really in Barcelona sangria, siesta, tour around, take pictures, and indulge in a late evening meal of tapas and more sangria.


Well…”the best laid plans of mice and men…”


Apparently if there is lightening within a 5 mile radius of an airport a small blinking yellow light at the end of the terminal begins to blink red. It is a very big deal. I could hear the airport officials quietly sharing the news with their compadres…the airport is in  Code Red. I felt the undercurrent of foreboding rippling down the backs of the gate personnel.


Code Red means that no airport employee can be on the patio. They can’t load baggage, unload it, or assist planes to their gate. As a result planes full of people sit on the runway or fly in circles above the airport.


It also means everyone waiting at the gate to go somewhere gets a bit testy. The swamped Air Canada/United gate-checker-inner kept repeating, “I can’t control Mother Nature.” No one believed her.  She resorted to repeating her lame excuse over the intercom. The only thing that helped was that little light at the end of the terminal changing to yellow again. (Why yellow and not green?)


I have never seen people organize and move so quickly. Everyone was on the same page…get us out of here before that light turns red again.


Our plane took off 3 hours late. We missed our connecting flight in Toronto and our hopes of catching a plane to anywhere over the ocean was dashed quickly upon our arrival in Canada. Apparently they have the same Labor Day holiday as the US so all flights were booked. Who knew?


So I thought you would enjoy some pictures of Toronto.


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