Doll Making

Recently I lead a workshop I designed 15 years ago, A Woman’s Way of Knowing-the making of your intuitive doll. This is, and has been each time I have offered it, a magical day. In the course of the day we examine the inner voices that hold us back from our true nature and our intuition. These voices may sound caring and concerned for our well being . “Don’t trust others or you will get hurt.” “Be careful.” “Be good.” “Don’t get too excited…angry….sad.” Or they may be critical voices. We may call ourselves stupid, lazy, or worthless. If we put these voices on audio they may sound like, “Who do you think you are?” or “You can never do that!” “What is wrong with you?” Any of these sound familiar? Sadly, to often they do.

In the process of the workshop we challenge these messages in a variety of ways. With new awareness and inner messages each women creates her intuitive doll.

The magic of the day for me is witnessing women reach into themselves and  find/trust their creativity. There are moments, watching participants help each other, listening to the rhythmic conversation that occurs during introspective creation, or observing a women’s face as she struggles or succeeds with what is before her, that I am moved to tears.  I think, at a cellular level, women yearn for and need  this sense of community with other women. (Unless one of those inner voices informs you not to trust women.)

I want to thank each of you that came to spend the day with me and with each other, challenging beliefs and exposing hidden wounds.  It takes courage to walk into the unknown.

Blessings to each of you.

Enjoy the pictures!!!! Thank you Kristen!

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