About Financial Wellness

To inform my work as a Financial Therapist, I draw from 35 years of experience as a Licensed Professional Counselor. My approach is to explore the patterns that consciously or unconsciously inhibit our sense of financial mastery. There is no right or wrong in this process—only more ways to understand yourself.

As a Financial Therapist, my goal is to support awareness and healthy relational patterns between you and your money. Similar to other relationships, our relationship with money requires time, attention, and thoughtfulness.

As a culture, we are ambivalent about money. We covet money. We are ashamed by it. We judge others for their abundance or lack of money. We judge and criticize ourselves. Our self-worth is often directly related to the balance in our checkbooks.

Deepening your understanding of your Financial Relational Style is an opportunity to examine specific learned behaviors that can and do undermine your sense of financial security.

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Financial Wellness Groups

It is extremely difficult for most people to talk about money. It seems we have been indoctrinated not to discuss the number-one stressor in our lives. Keeping quiet is not the answer. That breeds only shame and isolation.

Breaking the rules by talking about money is crucial for financial wellness. Openness reduces shame, heals anxiety, and deepens our ability to not feel alone. It is also a cure for our tendency to compare ourselves to others and, sooner or later, to come up short. Sharing our truth is a powerful, transformative practice.

If you are interested in joining an existing Financial Wellness Group or creating one of your own, please contact me.

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Popular topics include:

  • Mindful Spending. How to Breathe and Buy.
  • Could they have lied? Family patterns that impact your finances.
  • Why does my bank balance impact my self-esteem?
  • Can You Love Your Money? Money and Emotions.
  • Money and Relationships—For Better or Worse.
  • What Is Enough? How to Decide

If you would like to host an event focused on Financial Wellness for your organization, company, or special interest group, please contact me. I’m happy to tailor my presentation to meet your group’s specific interests.

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