So Sorry

Last week was a doosey.

My printer stopped talking to my lap top after I replaced an empty ink cartridge. Two  ink cartridges later, because the first cartridge was defective (1 out of 50 are I now know) and a $89.95 visit from the Staples Geek Squad, they are now talking.

My car was feeling funny. So I did what we are do. I took it in to my mechanic. I needed a new axle. So I got one. It still felt funny. I took it back to the garage. I had gotten a bad axle. They replaced it. It still felt funny. The tires needed to be balanced. Last night I drove home smoothly.

I began to see a theme.

Then my intern was working on my blog to make some upcoming changes- I will tell you about them in my soon to follow post-and  Off the Couch when off line. It took 3 days to resurrect. Hmmmm, I won’t even go there.

So I am back. Thank you for missing me.



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