Work It by Paula Martinac

Paula is a guest writer who responded to the  Audience Participation invitation.  Read more by Paula on NutritionU


In the whole maddening “conversation” about the health-care bill now under scrutiny by the Supreme Court, I realize that the most important thing to me is health. Not just mine, but my partner’s… my dog’s… my biological family’s… my clients’… my friends’… I even care about the health of people I’ve never met!


I’m now blessed with good help, to use a common expression. Because it IS a “blessing,” as those of us who’ve been seriously, life-threateningly illness can tell you. A lot of people take their health for granted until they reach that “life-threatening” point. If you get a second chance, as I did, you start to think a lot about what you might have done differently, what you might have done earlier. You start to want to encourage others to think about it, too.


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Audience Participation Week

Maybe you noticed, I hope you did…a post did not arrive in your mailbox or on Off the Couch yesterday-my regular posting Monday morning. That is because I have nothing to say…I am blank…the well is dry…I’ve run out of steam…

Maybe it’s writers block, maybe it was the holiday weekend with the Tom and the kids, maybe it was trying to put a freshly painted bedroom back together (it is never just a new paint job, now it needs new bedside lamps, new window treatments, a new mirror for over my dresser, a new soft chair, a pretty ceiling fan and, now I am pushing my luck, new carpet), who knows what the matter is, but I have nothing. Radio silence.

So I have a favor to ask. You take a turn. Write what is important to you. What matters. What makes you laugh. Who you love and why. Don’t be shy, mine is a kind, thoughtful audience that is supportive and appreciative. We will support your thoughts. Let’s have a conversational week where we write and comment to one another.

I have been LOVING the posts on the I Love My Life column, thank you to those that have shared – Heidi, Jena, Mary, Kim, Ruth, Paula. Please keep ’em coming.

So take a turn and send in your post. Email it to me at