A No Sun Sunday

The perfect Sunday. The illusion that there is nothing to be done, but of course there is, my winter clothes need to be carried from their basement storage up two flights of stairs to my bedroom closet, reading and writing to be completed, phone calls to be returned. For some unknown reason, maybe Grace, maybe my attempt to stay in the moment, I remain in the illusion and have a lovely Sunday.


Even my trip to the gym, followed by a quick stop at the grocery store, is not pressured by the clock or a to do list.


Around two o’clock we decide it might be a good time to watch a DVD a friend suggested, Adventureland. She said it was a sweet movie. Seemed like a good day for a sweet movie. Shortly into the movie I realized I had seen it, I seldom remember a movie by it’s title, but I often recognize the story line. (This costs us a few extra dollars a year in repeat rentals. Oh well.)


So we both fell asleep on the couch, a fire blazing in the fireplace, Clea, (short for Cleopatra because we knew as soon as we met her she was a queen,) my cat of unknown age who we adopted when she found her way to my son’s lap during a bonfire party twelve years ago, who is in the process of dying from kidney failure, asleep with us on my belly. It was one of those great naps because in this day there is nothing else to do but nap. My whole body let go into the couch, letting the couch have all of me. Clea letting me have all of her.


Beans and greens for dinner, the beans have been soaking since last night, the organic kale we grabbed yesterday at the co op is beautiful. I feel healthy just looking at it. I know I will feel better eating it. It is the perfect no sun Sunday in November meal.



Maybe an extra hour is responsible for this leisurely day. Having more time always seems to slow me down. I relax when I believe there is enough time to do nothing.

Did You Know?

…That an adult elephant does not know it can easily pull the stake it is chained to out of the ground because as a baby elephant it tried and couldn’t?


…That fish put in a bathtub, while their small bowl is being cleaned, will swim in the same size area as their bowl?


…That a baseball player for the Oakland A’s, well known for not being able to make it to second base, overran, then scrambled back to first base on his knees not realizing he had hit a home run?


My point you ask? Continue Reading

Staycation continued

DAY 2 Tuesday

No alarm clock. A nice way to start the day.

I made coffee and heated a half of blueberry muffin I had bought in advance for just this occasion. I usually don’t let myself eat much bread. I savored it. I covered it in butter and waited while it melted into the cake. I will eat the other half tomorrow.

I was drawn to do some work that involved using my lap top. After finishing up I began doing research on blogging. I lost time, as well as, my sense of well being in my search. My reptilian brain was back. This time reminding me I will never Continue Reading


I am taking this week off and staying home. A staycation. My spell check hates when I type the word, it wants to correct it. Seems my spell check isn’t the only entity wanting to challenge this breach in normalcy.

While planning this break I ran head long into a nasty belief of mine. It was a surprise attack and left me terrified.  My reptilian mind, the part of my brain that wants me to survive no matter what, informed me of the facts according to it… Continue Reading