New View Point

I just returned from seeing my chiropractor. I love her. I have only seen her 5 times, but she had me at the first phone call when she called me…. darlin’. Ususally I recoil when other women call me honey, darlin’, or sweetheart, but her warmth and seeming “comfort within her own skin” transformed my automatic response to one of feeling “taken in” by her.

I like when I allow my self to have a different reaction. And I am sometimes in awe of that shift. How can exactly the same event produce different reactions in me?

The difference is in me.  If I see things the way I always see them… life  will always look the same. In my office I face a wall with a relatively plain decor, except for a painted cloud and flying fairy. My clients face a dramatic view, a large piece of driftwood, red steel girders , and a woven tapestry rug. We are both in the same room, but viewing it from different angles.

Sometimes I lie on the floor to change my vantage point, (try it- the room looks very different.) Or, I contort myself to look at the world upside down. I am always amazed at how much I notice when I change my position (literally and figuratively) and how different life looks.

I like my life better when my emotional responses can be varied.  I stay more interested….