Was it just a Fashion Show?

The other night as I watched the Victoria Secrets Fashion Show I noticed I began feeling insecure and sad about myself, my body, my “look”, (not to mention my inability to walk like that in high heels.) I felt badly, because at my age, it is no longer possible for me to have the body or the “look” of a VS “angel” and, truth be told, it wasn’t possible when I was younger either. I can never compare to those models nor could I ever. So I began to wonder what other women-especially young women- felt as they watched the exotically de cored, minimally dressed, winged women strut their stuff down the runway. I wondered about those of you that watched with male friends and/or boyfriends/partners- how was that for you, how did you feel about yourself, your body, your potential? I would love to hear from all of you and have a conversation about this. Did watching the Victoria Secrets Fashion Show impact you, did you like it, not like, feel better or worse about yourself, think it was supportive, good for women or unsupportive of women? Or maybe it was just a show and you feel nothing…..

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